Australian Trade Mark Application

TRADE MARK SEARCH $180.00 -upfront

Formal search report
✓ Compiled and reviewed by a registered trade mark attorney
✓ Includes all fees
✓ Delivered in 3-7 days
✓ Good starting point.

✓ Includes general advice  on likely hood of your trade mark being registered.

(Every trade mark is examined by IP Australia to ensure it meets the requirements for registering a trade mark in Australia.  If there are any issues raised by IP Australia during the examination of your application, we will forward the report with our advice (for free) and, if any substantial action is required, a fixed fee quote for you to approve.)


TRADEMARK APPLICATION $375.00 (+$250.00 govt fees) - upfront

✓ Australian trade mark application

✓ Completed by a registered trade mark attorney
✓ Filed in 3-7 days
✓ Address for service

✓ Classification of your goods/service

(When applying for a trade mark you are required to nominate which goods or services you want your trade mark to cover. There are 45 official classes of goods and services, with a government fee of $250 per class and our professional fee of $190 for every class after the first. However, to save our client’s fees, we draft precise trade mark applications usually covering one or two classes. We indicate your main trade mark class, and if we think other classes could be important to you, we let you decide if you want to proceed in those extra classes.)

✓ Expedite examination  - Add $175

(Official government examination in Australia usually occurs in 4-6 months.  However, we can expedite this for you to around 7 to 14 days.)





Normally Combined cost is $1,180.00 (including govt fee of $250.00)

If ordered together fee is $990.00 (including govt fee of $250.00)




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